Eat Healthy During Your Orlando Vacation

March 26, 2015

Eat Healthy During Your Orlando Vacation

You’re finally on vacation and all you want is to send the diet off to space! But did you know that a poor diet can actually lower you energy levels and make you feel tired? If you you’re coming to Orlando and plan on going to the theme parks you’ll have a lot of walking waiting for you,  so you do not want to be lacking energy or downing loads of caffeine just to make it through the day. Plus, if you’ve been on a diet or have  been trying to eat healthier, you don’t want all your effort to be thrown in the trash can during your vacation. After all, you’re supposed to feel relaxed, and not guilty after vacation!

We picked a guilt-free meal from each major theme park to help inspire you to eat healthy while at Disney or Universal:


Animal Kingdom: Eat at Tamu Tamu – Order the Diced Chicken and Dried Fruit blended with Mild African Spices served with Tomatoes, Pita, and Apple Slices for $9.49.

Epcot: Sunshine Seasons / The Land Pavilion – lots of healthy choices! Oak-grilled Salmon with Green Beans and Roasted Potatoes for $12.49.

Hollywood Studios: Eat at ABC Commissary- Order the Asian salad, couscous quinoa 7 arugula salad has Veggie noodle stir fry, tabbouleh wraps, and fresh fruit. It costs $7.19 without meat, $10.19 with chicken or $11.19 with salmon.

Magic Kingdom: Eat at Columbia Harbour House / Liberty Square- Order the Lighthouse Sandwich with Hummus, Tomato, and Broccoli Slaw on Toasted Multigrain Bread with Potato Chips for $9.49.

Universal Orlando: Eat at Finnegan’s Bar & Grill- Order the Irish Cobb Salad Chunks of corned beef, turkey, bacon, diced tomatoes, apple beet salad, bleu cheese crumbles and scotch egg served over mixed baby greens. Choice of dressing for $11.99.

Island of Adventure: Eat at Mythos Restaurant- Order the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad with a soy vinaigrette dressing and wasabi cream for $11.99.


All parks actually have a decent amount of healthy options. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Generally try to:

  • Avoid complex carbohydrates, excessive sugar and fried items.
  • Stay away from loading your foods with ketchup, mayonnaise, teriyaki or any other sugar-loaded sauce.
  • When choosing a drink, stick with water. You’ll really need the hydration and you’ll save a bunch of calories.
  • Control your portions. Instead of denying yourself of the experience altogether, just find someone to share that item with you. I mean, you are on vacation, so cut yourself some slack. If you’re craving ice cream, a cocktail or just want to try the Butterbeer, go for it! Just split the guilt with a friend and you’ll be all set.
  • Eat healthy snacks between meals. You can either bring them from home, which we suggest, or buy fruit at the many kiosks they have around the parks. Just look for the healthy items, they’re there!