Theme Park Mistakes Not To Make

Updated November 15, 2022

Being sleep deprived:
When was the last time you looked back on a vacation and thought, “Remember that awesome trip when we were exhausted, sleepy and grumpy?” Well, hopefully the answer to that is NEVER. We get that you want to enjoy every minute of your trip, but make sure you are getting enough sleep or you (and your kids) might get too burned out to be able to enjoy anything. Alternate longer days and shorter days to allow your body to rest. Attend a park that is open late one day and spend the next day morning at your hotel pool and do some afternoon shopping. It’s all about balance. Check park hours to help you plan it better. Animal Kingdom closes at sunset while Magic Kingdom is open very late, so even if you want to make every day a theme park day, you can still make a smart schedule.


Forgetting the basics:  Orlando is hot and/or sunny during most of the year, so you will need to get in a routine to do a few things EVERY DAY. Applying sunscreen and drinking tons of water are NOT optional. You will regret the sunburn when you can’t lay by the pool because of your scorched skin. And you definitely don’t need to spend your precious holiday hours at an urgent care facility to receive IV and get hydrated. Drink WATER. Not soda, juices, tea, coffee, sports drink, or other. WATER!


Wearing the wrong shoes: We know you want to look cute in your vacay pics, but when you are walking several miles a day in a theme park, comfort should be your priority. Check out this blog post for more tips on what shoes to wear.


Not having a plan: In this new Disney high-tech era of MagicBands when you can schedule fast passes for your favorite rides or character encounter with 30 days before your trip. If you don’t pick your Fastpasses+ because your lack of planning, you will be left waiting up to 5 hours (not an exaggeration) to meet Elsa & Anna, for example. So… good luck with that! Also, you can make reservations at most Table Service restaurants with 180 days in advance of the day you plan to dine in and they sell out quick! So if you would like to experience eating at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, for example. You better get on board with the planning!


Not bringing a charger: We now use our smartphones for everything, including taking pictures and videos. That means you MUST take a portable charger to the parks with you or you could be left without a way to register your magical memories!