6 Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney

June 19, 2015

6 Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney

Summer is almost here! Well, for us Floridians it feels like summer has been here for a while now. But in the books, the Summer Solstice is June 21, so high temperatures are to be expected and if you are going to a theme park you must be ready to brace the heat.

Theme parks know that the heat can be exhausting on their guests, so water rides, queue fans and splash pads are a part of most parks here in Orlando. But to make sure you will have the “coolest” experience while wandering the parks, here are a few tips on keeping it cool:

1- Wear the right clothes: Make sure you wear clothes that are light in color as they reflect the sun much better than darker clothes. Give preference to clothes that will allow your body to breathe, so natural fabrics like cotton and linen should be top choice. Keep that in mind especially if kids are dressing up in costume. Most costumes are made of synthetic, non-breathable fabrics that will trap sweat, which will lead to itching, over-heating and even rashes.


2- Freeze a drink the night before: Fill up a bottle of water half way and place it sideways in the freezer, so that way you will have a colder drink for longer.


3- Spray fan: Consider purchasing a misting fan at your local store. They are more expensive at retailers around the country, but fairly cheap here in Orlando. If you wait to buy one inside the park, you will definitely pay more for a very similar product.


4- Wear sunscreen: No-brainer here. Wear sunscreen and don’t forget to re-apply, because the sun is not kind this time of the year.


5- Chilling Band: Buy a cheap chilling band online to keep it around your neck. They cost around $8 and can be a great way to help control your body temperature. You don’t necessarily need one for each member of your family. Just buy a couple and rotate them around!


6- Sun visor: Consider wearing a sun visor instead of a hat to avoid trapping heat on you head while still getting some shade for your face.


Remember that the lines will be long since summer is a very busy time at theme parks, so when not waiting in line take advantage of shaded areas, splash pads, air-conditioned rides and restaurants, drink plenty of fluids, wear your sunglasses and maybe get an icy treat!