Orlando Vacation Tips

Here at the Lake Buena Vista Resort we are in the business of making guests happy and providing outstanding customer service, so we would like to share some insider tips on how to have a wonderful time in Orlando!

Research: Before traveling to Florida, we suggest doing a little online research on events, theme park rides, attractions, restaurants and weather so you can be more prepared and prioritize your time. Orlando has a lot to offer and it can be quite hard to see everything in one trip, so knowing what we have to offer can really help you narrow things down.

Book ahead: Think of what your priorities are and try to book the “must do” places on your list in advance.  If you want to dine at a specific Disney restaurant, get a picture with Anna and Elsa or see a Blue Man Group show, then book those things in advance, and work your schedule around them.

Walt Disney World


Itinerary: Have a basic itinerary, but be flexible. Many things that are out of our control can happen during vacation, so be sure to keep your schedule somewhat flexible to accommodate unexpected events. You never know when it may rain, when your child will throw a tantrum or fall asleep, when you will feel exhausted from all the walking or something like that. Whatever it is, allow yourself time to get through it. Things happen and having a flexible schedule will ensure you don’t miss out on your “must see” list but also that you won’t be overly stressed to complete everything that you set off to accomplish that day.

FastPass+: Book your FastPasses+ at Disney as soon as you get your tickets. This can save you so much waiting time, so you want to plan out ALL of your FastPasses as early as possible. Also, please know that the Express Pass at Universal Orlando is not free, so decide ahead of time whether you will want to invest in those to avoid lines at the Universal parks as well.

Disney Tickets


Weather: Come prepared for unpredictable temperatures and weather conditions. Orlando is mostly hot, but it often rains out of the blue and all indoor places have blasting air conditioners, so it’s always wise to have a light sweater, rain ponchos and sunscreen. It sounds crazy, but trust us on this one.

Accommodation:  If you are travelling with your family, make sure you stay at a resort like the Lake Buena Vista Resort village & Spa that offers a kitchen and plenty of space for you to stretch out and carry on a normal routine. Being able to cook a meal a couple of times a week, have a refrigerator for snacks, and separate bedrooms that can make a big difference between a hectic and a relaxing vacation.

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa - livingroom


Relax: Vacations should be a balance between excitement and relaxation. You don’t want to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home, so don’t over plan your days. Also, make sure to book a relaxing spa experience at our Reflections Spa and a quick nap on our pool hammocks before you leave.

Reflections Spa & Salon


We look forward to hosting you soon at the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa.