Orlando Transportation options- Lake Buena Vista

If you are coming to Orlando on vacation, we want to help you figure out how to get around. If you flew to Orlando and don’t have a car, this post is for you! First and foremost, Orlando doesn’t have a subway system and you’d be surprised to learn how many people aren’t aware of that. We do have a few other options, though. On this blog post you will find three of the options that are better to consider if you’re staying with us at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa. If you want to read about three more transportation options available in Orlando, please check out this blog post for Stay Sky Suites I-Drive, our sister property located near Universal Studios and International Drive.

Orlando Transportation options- Lake Buena Vista


Lynx Buses

Lynx is the local bus service for Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. Lynx several lines and stops all over Orlando. The buses are air conditioned and you can usually find a seat. They even have mini TV’s that mostly shows ads and bus stop information. Traveling on Lynx is affordable and easy. The one-ride fare is only $2 and the day pass is $4.50. You can also get a 7-Day Pass for $16 or a 30-Day Pass for $50 (these are available to purchase at LYNX Central Station). The buses do provide transfers, so if you need to get bus 14 and link to bus 21 to get to Universal Studios, for example, that whole trip will cost you just $2, because you can use the transfer. Transfers are free and valid for 90 minutes. Just ask the operator for a transfer as you board the bus.

The downside of Lynx is that many buses stop running fairly early, so if you’re planning on staying out past 10 p.m. make sure the bus you need runs that late. Otherwise, you will have to arrange alternative transportation. Also, operators cannot make change, so be sure to have the exact fare ready.

To plan a trip with Lynx, check stops, popular destinations, bus times, check this link.



You know the deal. Taxis will take you anywhere, but at a higher price. They’re plentiful in Orlando and if you can afford it, the comfort is definitely worth it.


Car Rental

Honestly, a top contender among the options. Some people don’t like driving, because they are afraid of getting lost in a new city. But with GPS systems so readily available, that is no longer a problem. You can find great rental deals if you book in advance, and some travel agencies even offer car rentals as an add-on to your vacation package with rates that won’t break the bank. Orlando is a great city to drive in, because most restaurants and attractions are located in plazas that offer free parking. The theme parks and Downtown Orlando are an exception to this rule, but you can always take the free shuttle to the theme parks and pay the hourly parking in Downtown Orlando that is very affordable.


I hope this post was informative and helped you make a decision regarding your choice of transportation while in Orlando. Whatever way you choose to go, we are sure you will have a fantastic time!