Check Before You Book

March 4, 2016

When taking a vacation, the last thing you want is the stress of booking a hotel that you are unsure about. It’s so easy to get lost in the sea of online options and colorful brochures, that we thought we would share with you what we believe are some crucial points to take in consideration to ensure you will have a wonderful time at the hotel of your choice.

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

Online reviews

There is no reason why you should be booking a hotel without checking how they rate among customers. Visit a travel website like Trip Advisor and check out what previous guests are saying about their stay. But make no mistake when it comes to that, or you could end up stressing yourself out even more. Remember that people have different preferences, so read each review thoroughly and judge for yourself if the reason why that guest gave the hotel a 1 or 5 star is something that is relevant to you or not. For example: If someone gives a one star because they thought the bed was too soft and you actually like soft beds, then that shouldn’t deter you from booking the hotel.

Trip Advisor Reviews Of Lake Buena Vista Resort


Sharing your vacation with your friends through social media and being able to browse the web or answer a few emails without having to use your data package is a huge perk. This is true especially for  international guests. Having free Wi-Fi means being connected to their friends and family back home without having to spend money on crazy expensive international calls or having to use roaming data.

Wireless Signal

Kid Friendly

If you are traveling with your family and that includes small children, then it’s a great idea to check what the hotel you are staying has to offer the kids. At the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa for example we have a huge Pirate themed pool with a slide for kids and adults and the pool has a zero-depth entry for toddlers and babies to enjoy. We also offer activities with out staySky Kids Club where kids can participate in pool games, watch movies, have a coloring party, make souvenir crafts, go on scavenger hunts and more!

kids in pool

Laundry Options

What is better than being able to do your own laundry for free and in the convenience of your suite? To avoid having to over pack you bags, make sure you pick a hotel that has a laundry facility in house. That will mean more space for souvenirs and less stress about ketchup spillage.


No parking fee

Simple. Pick a hotel that doesn’t charge you extra for parking if you are going to be renting a car. Those charges can easily stack up without you realizing it.


Customer Service

Very rarely do we go through a vacation where everything goes 100 % smooth. Kids will get sick, a tire will blow up or the light bulb on your hotel’s room will die. So in order to guarantee a grand experience, we suggest booking a hotel that cares about their guests. But how do you know if they care? Well, nowadays it’s very easy to spot a business that cares just by browsing them online. Check if they answer their guests’ reviews online and look for their social media channels to see if they have an active online presence. Send the hotel a message through Facebook or Twitter and see if they’ll answer you and how long they’ll take to respond. These are GREAT indicators of what kind of customer service you can expect when you arrive.



Pick a hotel that has extra features that are of primary importance for you. Those are the things that will make you feel instantly rewarded for having picked that hotel over its competitors.  For the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, some of our most appreciated features are our free shuttles to theme parks and also our beautiful, full-service Reflections Spa. Guests that come to Orlando with the sole purpose of visiting theme parks can save some money using our shuttles and then spend a day of pure relaxation in our spa by getting a deep-tissue massage, getting their nails done or even pampering their kids with a princess or pirate makeover!

Reflections Spa & Salon

What do you consider a priority when booking a hotel? Let us know by stopping by our social media channels and sending us a note! We look forward to hearing from you!