3 Tips for a Fun and Relaxing Orlando Trip

January 20, 2016

Orlando will be one of the most memorable destinations you’ll ever visit with your family! That is because Orlando offers fun for all ages and really allows plenty of family-bonding activities! But with so many parks, attractions and endless fun to experience, it can be easy to get very fatigued and come back home needing a vacation from your vacation! So, we narrowed down a few tips to ensure your trip to Orlando is filled with fun but also relaxation at the same time!

  1. Extra Space: When preparing for your trip, we suggest looking for a hotel that won’t make you feel crammed. You will spend the whole day strolling around in the parks, so coming back to a standard hotel room with one bathroom just won’t cut it to help you relax. Choose a hotel like the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, that offers suites with a separate living space, full-sized kitchen and, most importantly, at least TWO bathrooms in each two-bedroom suite! That means every member of the family can get ready in the morning and get ready for bed way faster. Sleeping well is a TOP priority to help keep your energy levels up in the parks, so make sure you have the extra space to relax, shower and get to sleep early and comfortably.

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa - Living Room

  1. Transportation: Research your transportation methods in advance and decide what’s best for you and your party. Orlando is not a metro city that provides quick transportation by bus or subway like NY and Chicago, for example. So leaving the decision to how you will get around in Orlando to the last minute can really up the stress levels. If the main purpose of your trip is to visit the theme parks, then chose a hotel that offers free shuttle transportation to the parks. That will save you some money on parking fees and allow you to relax since you don’t have to drive or worry about getting lost. If you rent a car, definitely rent a GPS with it if you won’t have internet data available on your smartphone. Getting stuck in traffic can really make for a stressful trip and the GPS can suggest faster routes to skip traffic altogether.

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  1. Slow down: Make time for yourself and pick at least one day to just enjoy your hotel’s pool, for example. Pick a hotel with an amazing pool area and make sure to enjoy the opportunity for leisure. And to go above and beyond, we suggest visiting a full-service spa like the Reflections Spa to have a couple of hours of pure relaxation with a back massage, some pampering time getting your nails done, or even getting a hair blowout for an unforgettable night out!

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Stay Relaxed, staySky! We will see you soon!