The spectacle you can’t miss!

March 11, 2015

cirque du soleil


We all know Orlando is known for its theme parks, so we’re used to Disney and Universal always being the main topic in a conversation about our lovely town. But we believe this show should also take center stage in conversations about Orlando, because it’s just as amazing and magical as the theme parks! We’re obviously talking about the Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba!

Orlando is one of the few cities in the United States that has a permanent Cirque du Soleil location and you must take advantage of that while you’re here. If you have ever been to any Cirque du Soleil show, you know there’s no way they’ll ever disappoint you. And, La Nouba is not an exception.

The Cirque is located in Disney Springs, so you can always make a day out of it by relaxing in our Pirates Plunge pool in the morning, having lunch at Lani’s Luau Poolside Bar & Grille and heading to Downtown Orlando in the afternoon for some shopping, sightseeing and picture session! Downtown Orlando also has great restaurants that you can dine in after the show. Check out this blog post for some restaurant suggestions.

Back to the show, our favorite act is the aerial ballet in silk. The performers blend in with the red fabric like they’re one and it’s mesmerizing to see them fly in such a gracious way. The show also has high wire, diabolos, cycles, aerial cradle, flying trapeze, power track/trampoline acts and more. The music is sang and played live and it’s a spectacle itself.

Here’s a description from La Nouba’s website: “La Nouba is the meeting of two worlds poles apart: the fantastic world of the circus artists – the Cirques (circus people), sporting bright, fluorescent colours–and that of the Urbains (urbanites), who wear dark, monochromatic outfits. When these two worlds first make contact, the magic and amazing feats of the one set fire to the pale mundanity of the other.”

We recommend buying tickets in advance if you’re coming during high season and arriving 60 minutes prior to your show time. Really! Arrive early! They always have clowns and performers do sort of a pre-show to entertain the arriving public and they are hilarious, so you can’t miss it! Adult tickets range from $59 to $139 plus tax, but seasonal promotions happen a few times a year making tickets even more affordable!